The BAPO podcast

Mike Saunders presents a series of educational webinars with discussions around paediatric topics that will inform trainees , speciality doctors and consultants  alike. The national and international faculty will give us perspectives from around the world.

Laryngomalacia and vocal cord palsy

Mike Kuo and Mike Saunders host a fascinating discussion about two of the most common challenges in paediatric airway. They are joined by Hasnaa Ismail-Koch , Neil Bateman and Ben Hartley.

Congenital Neck Abnormalities   

A discussion about Branchial anomalies and thyroglossal duct cysts. Mike Saunders and Mike Kuo are delighted to have our friends John Russell , Haytham Kubba and Kara Prickett (all the way from Atlanta!) to discuss this very challenging area adding Scottish , Irish and US perspectives!

Cochlear implantation

Mike hosts a discussion led by Steve Broomfield (Bristol) leading a discussion with Natalie Loudon (Paris), James Ramsden (Oxford) and Iain Bruce (Manchester) to give us the low down on paediatric cochlear implantation.

Failed extubation

Management of patients to failto extubatne on PICU. Mike is joined by his Bristol colleague Julian Gaskin on the BAPO couch. In this episode they grill Bristol Hannah Burns (Brisbane), Steven Powell (Newcastle) and Ravi Thevasagayam (Sheffield) about this tricky challange.