BAPO Corporate Identity

The Staff of Aesclepius logo and BAPO word mark shown on this page are owned by the British Association for Paediatric Otolaryngology.

It’s almost always best to use the SVG format images, these are displayed first. As a vector format they can be scaled up to any size without any loss of quality. If a bitmap format is required please use the 24 bit PNG images at the bottom of the page they can safely be scaled down but cannot be scaled up as there will be a loss of resolution.

SVG Format

Solid background

It is usually best to use the images above with transparent backgrounds. If your current background contains a strong texture these images with a solid background may be more suitable.

PNG Images

These images are ok for displaying on small and medium size screens. As a bitmap format they can be scaled down but should not be scaled up as there will be loss of resolution.

BAPO Colours