Nico Jonas

Cambridge University Hospitals

Nominator: Hasnaa Ismail Koch

Seconder: Dan Tweedie

Dear BAPO members

I would like to stand for BAPO council and help support the excellent current council. I am a Paediatric ENT surgeon working at Cambridge University Hospital. As the tertiary Paediatric ENT centre for the East of England deanery I am acutely aware of our role in training the new generation of ENT surgeons but also our important role to support and equip current consultants with the necessary skills to provide emergency Paediatric ENT care. I am on the faculty for the PESC (Paediatric ENT for Consultants) course to help support this initiative. Furthermore I am editor of the Paediatric section of the IFOS open access operative textbook and associate editor for the Paediatric section of the Elef-ENT online learning modules endorsed by ENT-UK. If selected for council I will be able to support these initiatives further, with the goal of ultimately benefiting our patients.