Ian Street

Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

Nominator: Ray Clarke

Seconder: Su De

I am a general-interest Paediatric ENT consultant in Alder Hey in Liverpool, where I have been since 2014.

I have experience of working in ENT in a few different healthcare systems (Ireland, Singapore and England) over my career, which has given me a good appreciation of how to work alongside people with very different viewpoints and opinions. I am currently the Clinical Director in my department and have found this to be a fulfilling and interesting job, particularly liaising between different parties within and without the hospital, including my colleagues in the local district general hospitals.

I have enjoyed working on local and regional guidelines to make some more concrete, longer term changes; I’ve found the collaborative aspects of these to be the most appealing part of the process.

I intend to contribute to BAPO in the same vein – as an important part of the NHS as a whole, Paediatric ENT will have a significant role to play in the road to recovery over the coming years. I would like to contribute to the Council’s decision-making process in the best way I can, by working in concert to advance our specialty.