Duncan Bowyer

Shrewsbury & Telford Hospital NHS Trust

Nominator: Michael Kuo

Seconder: Joe Grainger

Appointed as a consultant in 2012, I have developed a clinical practice focused on paediatric and adult otology, as well as general paediatric ENT. 

Local Quality Improvement Projects that I have led and that have resulted in significant advances in patient care include: the development of a BCHI programme for Shropshire, introduction of day case tonsillectomy in the county, establishing an endoscopic ear surgery practice which has a national reputation for excellence. I am also paediatric lead for the department.

A strong interest in medical education resulted in competitive selection to be Otolaryngology Training Programme Director for the West Midlands. I am also School of Surgery Lead for Quality Assurance, RCS examiner for DOHNS, interviewer for National Selection and Honorary Lecturer at Keele University Medical School.

If elected to BAPO Council, I would use this forum to champion excellence in the delivery of paediatric ENT practice in a District General Hospital setting, as well as promoting the delivery of paediatric educational resources relevant to the general ENT surgeon.